Brainstorm CIO Roundtable: Seismic Shift – BI is now in the Hands of Business and End Users, not IT. Is that a Good Thing?

…there’s a natural cycle of tension between business and IT when it comes to BI data. The relationship between business and IT in the context of BI is critical and I’ve seen a cycle in this relationship. In the past, IT pretty much owned the data. We try to push business enablement so that business points the way and IT enables it to do so. I believe that previously, when we looked at the data, before the tools were as mature as they are now, IT had to mine it, do analytics and present it. That brought us to the place where business said, ‘I don’t get it’. Tools have made that curve less steep, but as soon as it becomes a more technical exercise, IT is back in the driver’s seat. We find organisations where IT is in the driver’s seat and it tends to be a less visionary organisation and can be bogged down in its use of data.

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Patrick Shields is the Chief Technology Officer serving the continent of Africa at Software AG. He focuses on solving business challenges and creating competitive advantage for his customers. Patrick has 31 years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions, with 17 of those years managing the delivery of Software AG technology solutions. He relocated from Atlanta in the USA, to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009 where he is helping grow Software AG's African business. As CTO, Patrick is responsible for Strategic Account Management, Thought Leadership, Market Evangelism, Localized Product Management, Sales Support and Sales Enablement.
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