A Tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe

I first heard Dr. Myles Munroe speak in 1990. That day he made a declaration that still echoes in my mind and heart to this present day. He said “God is a God of Purpose”. This declaration shaped and clarified my understanding of creation and my place in it. Dr. Munroe underscored this declaration with an a assertion that, “Anyone that doesn’t understand the purpose of a thing, is destined or guaranteed to abuse it”. Wow! How many situations and scenarios in life does this apply to? In my opinion, everything.

Since that day in 1990 I have spent my life studying to understand the original purpose of things. In addition to a constant search for original purpose of things, I also work toward practicing the discipline of using things in life only according to their God designed purpose.

Dr. Munroe, you were a catalyst for the revelation of the principle of purpose in my life. It has served me incredibly well in this life, in my relationship with God, and my relationship with God’s people. As we remember and celebrate your legacy, I thank God for the time that you were physically here with us. I trust that your rest, in the presence of God, is more than you ever imagined. With that, I simply say, “Thank you”.

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