Brainstorm CIO Roundtable: Big Data – Scaling the Cliff

Patrick Shields, senior principal consultant and presales manager at Software AG SA, has also seen organisations asking themselves the big data questions.

“We’re seeing the same sort of thing, especially around Master Data Management,” says Shields. “We’re also seeing a lot of organisations asking what they can do with big data. What are the use cases and the solutions? I think a lot of organisations haven’t really considered their options.”

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About Patrick Shields

Patrick Shields is the Chief Technology Officer serving the continent of Africa at Software AG. He focuses on solving business challenges and creating competitive advantage for his customers. Patrick has 31 years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions, with 17 of those years managing the delivery of Software AG technology solutions. He relocated from Atlanta in the USA, to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009 where he is helping grow Software AG's African business. As CTO, Patrick is responsible for Strategic Account Management, Thought Leadership, Market Evangelism, Localized Product Management, Sales Support and Sales Enablement.
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