Terminology: American words vs South African words

I though it might be interesting to compare how some of the terms we commonly use differ between Americans and South Africans. I’ll update this note as I encounter more interesting terms, so check back again later:

American term -> South African term

  1. Cool, Nice, Great or Awesome -> Lekker (pronounced Lekka)
  2. Traffic Light -> Robot
  3. Calender -> Diary
  4. French Fries -> Chips
  5. How are you? I’m Fine. -> How izzit? Shop Shop. (actually sharp sharp)
  6. Green Peppers or Bell Peppers -> Peppadew
  7. Rent a Car -> Hire a Car
  8. Diet Coke -> Coke Light
  9. Pickup Truck -> Bakkie (pronounced Bucky)
  10. Lease a Property -> Let a Property
  11. The letter Z -> Zed
  12. Hangover -> Babalaz
  13. The face of a drunkard -> Puza Face
  14. Woop yo Ass -> Bluxum you (not sure of the spelling)

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