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Patrick Shields is the Chief Technology Officer serving the continent of Africa at Software AG. He focuses on solving business challenges and creating competitive advantage for his customers. Patrick has 31 years of experience managing the delivery of technology solutions, with 17 of those years managing the delivery of Software AG technology solutions. He relocated from Atlanta in the USA, to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009 where he is helping grow Software AG's African business. As CTO, Patrick is responsible for Strategic Account Management, Thought Leadership, Market Evangelism, Localized Product Management, Sales Support and Sales Enablement.

Fifty Surprising Facts about South Africa

Economy The Rand (South Africa’s currency) was the best performing currency against the US Dollar between 2002 and 2005 (Bloomberg Currency Scoreboard) South Africa has 55,000 high net-wealth individuals holding at least US$1million in financial assets (World Wealth Report 2008) … Continue reading

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Terminology: American words vs South African words

I though it might be interesting to compare how some of the terms we commonly use differ between Americans and South Africans. I’ll update this note as I encounter more interesting terms, so check back again later: American term -> … Continue reading

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